Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a primary driver for job creation, GDP growth and social cohesion. However, SMEs usually face more severe constraints to growth than large companies due to, among other things, reduced access to financing. SMEs are largely underserved when it comes to basic financial services, because commercial banks and financial institutions consider the SME market as risky and costly to serve. This trend is now changing and the SME market has become a strategic target of many banks and other financial institutions worldwide. For providing excellent service to SME clients and profitability of SME lending, it is fundamental for financial institutions to understand a number of specific risks that SMEs face in their businesses.

Our three-day seminar “Small and Medium Business Enterprises Lending” helps banks and financial institutions in developing and transition countries to establish good practices in SME lending. The program is mainly tailored to the needs of mid-level managers and SME loan officers, and supports them in improving their daily job performance, as well as the performance of their institutions. The seminar includes many practical assignments and case studies for analysis and practice, covering all financial tools; not only in theory, but also in terms of their practical application.

Audience: SME loan officers, mid-level managers and top management of financial institutions wanting to start SME lending

Format: Classroom training including lectures, case studies, practical assignments

Duration: 3 days

Language: English or Russian

Content: The seminar focuses on:

Certification: To qualify for a certificate, candidates must pass a written evaluation test after the seminar.

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