When talking about financial inclusion, offering credit is just one side of the coin. Providing suitable savings products to the public is the other side, which is often neglected by the sector. Deposit taking institutions can considerably increase their client outreach and get access to an alternative stable and potentially cheaper source of funds that helps them achieve independence from donors and investors. Further, a social mission of microfinance institutions (MFIs) may call for deposit mobilisation since poor households benefit greatly from having access to deposit products. This, in the long run, will help in promoting financial inclusion around the globe. However, deposit mobilisation is easier said than done. Deposit mobilisation is complex, challenging, costly, and not feasible for all microfinance institutions. There are a number of external and internal prerequisites to meet before starting it.

Our workshop “Effective Deposit Mobilisation” is based on best practices and enables financial institutions that want to start mobilizing savings from the public in gaining knowledge, developing strategies and capacities. The workshop supports top and middle management in building the capacity in such a way that they will be able to offer support and guidance for their staff in their drive towards deposit mobilisation.

During the workshop, all aspects related to savings, both from the clients’ point of view and from the perspective of an MFI will be thoroughly discussed. On successful completion of the workshop, the participants will have a thorough comprehension of what clients expect from a deposit taking institution. Further, management will learn which prerequisites MFIs have to fulfil to take deposits and which factors influence its decision to offer savings products. The participants will also learn risks inherent to deposit-taking and which risk management procedures are appropriate.

Audience: Top, regional and branch management

Format: Facilitated presentation & group discussion, practical assignments and brain storming

Duration: 3 days

Language: English or Russian

Certification: To qualify for a certificate, candidates must pass a written evaluation test.

Regus Nijmegen City Centre, Jonkerbosplein 52, 6534 AB Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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