In highly competitive industries such as banking and microfinance, small missteps in customer communication can make the difference between gaining or retaining customers or lose them to a competitor. Service differentiation is crucial and the relevance of customer communication is paramount in achieving this. However, despite the perceived importance of this, most banks and microfinance organisations still don’t execute effective customer communication techniques. This often results in poor customer communication which leads to customers’ dissatisfaction, and even loss of customers. In order to gain new customers and retain current ones, organizations must ensure that customer communication is tailored to each client’s unique needs and preferences.

Our highly interactive training “Effective Customer Communication” is designed for the front office staff dealing with customers on a daily basis. Participants will examine stages of the contemporary sale process, learn clients’ classification and how to identify the clients’ needs accordingly, explore techniques of active listening and product presentation, and many more. The training will enhance the participants’ ability to work with the clients’ reactions and communicate effectively with customers in all situations, including the most challenging and difficult ones. The participants will increase their effectiveness in generating prospective client leads and retaining existing clients by eliminating problems which can so easily arise from ineffective communication. The participants will also have an opportunity to practice their communication skills through roleplays and case studies.

Audience: Front office staff (deposit officers, client managers and customer relationship managers)

Format: Classroom training including lectures, roleplays, case studies, interactive discussions

Duration: 1 day

Language: English or Russian

Certification: To qualify for a certificate, candidates must pass a written evaluation test.

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